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We all need guidance and wisdom in our lives to help us live happier, healthier, wealthier, and full of so much love and light that life becomes like heaven. Meet YOUR new spiritual and life coach!

He’s been teaching, counseling, running seminars, and giving psychic readings for over 30 years. His methods have been shown to dramatically increase joy, peace, health, wealth, happier relationships, and a greater sense of purpose in life. Now Gary Spivey can be YOUR virtual spiritual and life coach!

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What People Are Saying

The spiritual secrets my daughters and I have learned from Gary Spivey through God are invaluable and life changing.

The peace and joy I feel from being able to connect to God, Jesus, my Angels, and loved ones in heaven is overwhelming.

“Your Keys to Heaven has changed our lives for the better. By reading this book, you will be on your path to the spiritual enlightenment you deserve.

-Angelique Homm, Las Vegas, NV

Thank you so very much for the reading you gave me on Thursday! You have helped me immensely! Since you removed the demons from my daughter, she has been like a different child. Even my mother, who I hadn’t yet informed of my reading, commented on how much better her behavior was.

Since my reading with you, she had not had one tantrum, when before I spoke to you she was having multiple tantrums a day. In fact, since my reading with you, she has not woken up in the middle of the night once, which was a nightly thing before. I have also been teaching some friends one of the meditations you provided in one of your past newsletters, and everyone loves them. I am also teaching them how to receive spiritual gifts, and I’m still reading your book. I would love to attend one of your Spiritual Retreats!

Thank you again for your kindness and all of your help. I truly appreciate it, and I very much enjoyed speaking with you on the phone. You are a wonderfully talented man, and truly the real thing. Thank you for all the people you help, and everything you do!

– Sally Long

Hi Gary! I just wanted to let you know that I tried your Meditation to Remove Darkness the other day and it was amazing!

I’ve really been struggling lately with negative thoughts and depression and when I did this it was like a black cloud lifted right off of me. I even found myself performing random acts of kindness without even thinking about it, I just did it, it floored me! Thanks so much, this exercise means so much to me as a Mother, I want to remain well balanced for my children despite what life throws my way.

Thanks again!

– Angie Dowdle Blaine, MN

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LIVE Spiritual Masterclass each month with Gary!

Every month I’ll be going LIVE and teaching a new spiritual secret and sharing with you my latest insights. You’ll learn how to get above the darkness and stay there. I’ll clear your energy so that it’s easier to manifest what you want. You’ll see how much fun and easy spiritual coaching can be!

LIVE Energy Clearing every week!

Every Wednesday, Gary will get on zoom and clear your energy and get you charged up to get through the week full of light. This alone is worth the price of the membership, because you know every week you’ll get cleared of demons and dark energies.

Free replays, watch anytime!

You’ll be able to replay any months teaching as much as you want so that you can truly embody the lessons and experiences to create your most amazing life.

Meditation archives.

I’ll be updating these archives monthly so you get the most recent meditations that help you in the moment. And enjoy my past meditations that are still changing people’s lives!

Q & A every month!

I’ll be answering questions live every month.

Enlightenment Club Bonuses

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Your Keys to heaven e-Book (PDF)

Is a revolutionary book that reveals spiritual secrets that religions have gone to great lengths to hide, and completely edit out of every religious doctrine that you read today. These are time tested techniques that have been used by prophets and the few who knew from the beginning of time.

$44 Value! 
Enlightenment Meditation Audio Series

Gary shows you how to meditate and receive Spiritual Gifts, how to get rid of depression and remove dark energy, and how to receive the gift of ONE to become one with God, heaven, yourself, and everyone else on the planet! 

$97 Value!
Blessings From Above Audio Course 

This is the quintessential teaching on energy and how to tap into it to create the life of your dreams, how to get your own answers, how to totally raise your light vibration and use it to help change the world.

When you become a Enlightenment Club member today, you’ll not only get my Masterclass monthly live teaching, but also over $100 and 7 hours of FREE gifts! And more!

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People who want a proven way to achieving and allowing a greater life.

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