Gary Spivey’s

Enlightenment Series

Mp3 Meditations

You’ll get access to the three audio meditations and you’ll also be able to download them!

Volume 1
“Spiritual Gifts”
“A Meditation a day…keeps the dark energy away”
This is the first CD in Gary’s amazing Enlightenment Series.
“The #1 question that I get asked over and over again is…How do YOU meditate? Well, here it is! In my first CD; Spiritual Gifts, I show you how to meditate so you can connect to the light as well as receive your very own Spiritual Gifts that will help you keep the dark energy away and let the light energy lead the way!”

– Gary Spivey

Volume 2
“Depression…is in your Head”
How to get rid of Depression
This is the second CD in Gary’s amazing Enlightenment Series!
“After years and years of working with people from all over the world in private sessions and doing live radio shows all across America, I found that Depression is nothing more than built up, dark energy that you have collected in your head, and by following a few, small, easy to follow steps, you too, can get rid of Depression forever!”

– Gary Spivey

Volume 3
“The Gift of One”
This is the third CD in Gary’s amazing Enlightenment Series!
“In this brand new meditation, I will take you on a journey through all of the dimensions from Earth to Heaven as you clear all of the dark energy and blocks that are keeping you darkened down and stuck. Visit with your loved ones on the other side and receive a very special gift from God which allows you to become One with God, Heaven, yourself and every other human being on the planet.”

– Gary Spivey